3D Scanners

We’re proud to provide extraordinary 3D scanners from Revopoint in 3D Printers Depot’s shop. The wonderful POP 2 3D printer scanner is a robust single-frame portable scanner with up to 0.05mm precision.

The POP 2 is ideal for making models for AR/VR, higher education, and multiple additional circumstances. And with their simple, straightforward software, you will create immaculate 3D models in a flash. Revoprint’s POP 2 3D scanner can make lifelike models that will take your breath away, capturing textures and colors to a tee.

Revoprint and 3D Printers Depot have the MINI 3D scanner available if you want something smaller that packs a powerful punch. This scanner is capable of single frames as precise as 0.02mm. The mini scanner is particularly effective at capturing the details of smaller objects.

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