How To Decide What Type of 3D Printer You Need

How To Decide What Type of 3D Printer You Need

3D printers open doors for creators everywhere. However, these devices can require a significant investment. Knowing how to decide what type of 3D printer you need allows you to start your journey on the right foot.

More options are available to purchase as this technology continues to grow. To make the process easier, consider these factors when choosing what kind of 3D printer to buy.

Set Your Intentions

First, it’s helpful to set your intentions before making a massive purchase. Deciding how you plan to use your 3D printer will help you choose the right device for your projects.

Are you buying a 3D printer as a hobbyist or as a professional? Do you need the printer to create products for your small business, or are you looking for industrial-sized models? Have the answers to these questions before you commit to a device.

Determine Your Budget

Next, you’ll want to determine your budget. When shopping for 3D printers, it’s easy to go overboard. Sticking to a budget will keep you from breaking the bank.

Small hobby printers start around $200. The price only rises as you browse through more upgraded models. Some industrial printers can go for over $100,000 due to their special features and efficient design. You’ll want to choose a 3D printer that aligns with your intentions and price point.

Know 3D Printer Styles

If you want to decide what type of 3D printer you need, knowing the various styles will help. Different kinds of printers use other materials to create projects. You’ll need the correct one, depending on the intentions you set.

FDM printers are perfect for hobbyists because they are accessible and easy to operate. More advanced styles, like Stereolithography and SLS printers, use resin as printing materials. These are better suited for advanced creators and professionals.

Prioritize Safety Features

Safety features are some of the most important things to look for in a 3D printer. This is especially important for new creators who will need some extra protection.

Look for printers with enclosures that act as a barrier between you and hot printing materials. Some models have cooling features that automatically start once you pause or complete a project. It might be worth spending a little more money on a safe printer when you’re first starting out.

Look for Strong Support Programs

Of course, adopting any skill comes with a learning curve. When choosing what kind of 3D printer to buy, pick a brand that comes with strong support programs.

Supportive manufacturers have excellent customer service departments to answer all your printing questions. Should your device break or malfunction, they should have a system in place to help guide you through the process of seeking repairs.

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