5 Ways To Reuse Pieces From Failed 3D Printing Jobs

5 Ways To Reuse Pieces From Failed 3D Printing Jobs

3D printing can be challenging, even to professionals with a lot of experience. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes, mistakes happen. Since 3D printing projects require specialized materials, you might struggle to find use with your imperfect prints. Here are five ways to reuse pieces from failed 3D printing jobs for artists looking to reduce their waste.

Use a Filament Recycling System

Since 3D printing materials are so specific, it feels wasteful to throw out filament. Use a filament recycling system to turn failed prints into usable material. This way, you can avoid purchasing new materials, which will save you valuable time and money.

Make ABS Products

Certain 3D printing products, like ABS, can be difficult to manipulate and handle. You can combat this problem by reusing pieces from failed 3D printing jobs to make supportive ABS products. Mixing used filament pieces with acetone at various levels will create ABS slurries, juices, and glues that will help bind the material to different surfaces.

Repurpose Your Scraps

If you’re unable to recycle your imperfect prints into 3D printing materials, find another way to repurpose your scraps. This option is perfect for crafty folks who enjoy making something new out of used products. Melt your scraps and bake them in an oven to create a flat, cohesive surface. From there, you can cut out different shapes and make coasters, keychains, and other fun crafts to display on yourself or in your home.

Educate Beginners With Failed Prints

Every mistake is a learning experience, and anyone involved in 3D printing knows that it comes with a learning curve. Instead of tossing your failed projects and hiding them in shame, use them as an opportunity to educate beginners. Many people are visual learners and find seeing problems up close and personal incredibly beneficial to their learning process.

Use a Recycling Service

If all else fails and you still can’t find a way to repurpose your materials, you can always enlist the help of a recycling service. Recycling 3D prints can be tricky since some materials aren’t biodegradable. However, there are companies that specialize in 3D printing that will take your failed projects and recycle them correctly. Using one of these special services is a sustainable way to get rid of your failed prints without harming the environment.

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