3 Big Advantages of Having a Dual Extruder

3 Big Advantages of Having a Dual Extruder

3D printing can be a slow and tedious process. However, innovative upgrades like dual extruders make things more efficient. Dual extruders open doors to new possibilities by breaking through barriers obstructing productivity.

Dual extruders optimize 3D printing; what does that look like in practice? Some of the big advantages of having a dual extruder are hard to see until you use one in your own process. If you’re considering the upgrade, discover the benefits dual extruders can offer.

Multiple Materials

The most obvious advantage of having a dual extruder is the ability to print with multiple materials. Whether you’re switching colors or textures, you can do so in one pass with a second hot end. Most creators use dual extruders to print with a primary filament and a complimentary support material.

Some models require support structures to maintain integrity until the final layer. Removing support beams leaves your final project with blemishes on the surface. However, dual extruders allow you to print with dissolvable materials so you can eliminate support structures without a second thought.

Intricate Details

Single-end extruders can print solid models, but they may look flat. Adding that second hot end allows you to print in extraordinary detail. Filaments with different colors, textures, and dimensions will make your projects look more dynamic.

Dual extruders are especially useful when printing educational models, since you can use color to differentiate specific parts. You can also blend shades for a seamless effect while adding small yet impactful details you couldn’t get with a standard nozzle. If you want your prints to pack a visual punch, you need a dual extruder.

Speed and Strength

Dual extruder benefits don’t stop at aesthetics; ergonomic advantages make the upgrade worthwhile. A second nozzle increases the speed and strength of your prints every time.

Switching between filaments for additional colors and support structures takes time and effort. You can skip the clearing process by printing with a dual extruder. Even if you aren’t switching between materials, using two printing nozzles allows you to print quickly and continuously.

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