High-temperature 3D printers for PEEK and PEI (ULTEM)

Purchase a PEEK and PEI 3D printer for an extra edge. PEEK and PEI are thermoplastics used to produce lightweight parts and models that resist heat and flame, are water-resistant, can withstand high pressure, and more. PEEK is the stronger material, but PEI can be used as a substitute with little noticeable loss of durability and strength. To work with these materials, you need a PEEK and PEI 3D printer that generates a temperature of 350 to 400 degrees. Find a selection here, from desktop to industrial 3D printers, that can handle PEEK and PEI as well as ABS, ULTEM, CF-PEEK, nylon, PC, and more. Prepare to see an upturn in the quality and resiliency of your prints!
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