What the Size of Your 3D Printer Means for Your Project

What the Size of Your 3D Printer Means for Your Project

3D printers come in many different shapes and sizes. The right one for you will depend on your skill level, budget, and design dimensions. Keep in mind that 3D printer sizes can affect the quality of your prints, so choose wisely.

How large or small your device is can also impact time and spending. Learn what the size of your 3D printer means for your project to help you make the right decision.

Larger Build Areas Mean Larger Projects

Print dimensions depend on the space of the printing bed. You need enough room to deposit filament in the right pattern, and small 3D printers limit how much printing space is available.

Conversely, larger devices have greater build areas. With more room to fit more materials, you can expand your dimensions and print huge models. Big printers are perfect for professionals wanting to create life-size prototypes.

Large Format 3D Printing Cuts Manufacturing Time

Depending on your device, 3D printing can be a long process. Small printers can’t handle big designs, which forces you to print various pieces one at a time. However, large-format 3D printing cuts manufacturing time by printing entire prototypes in one piece.

This is excellent news for operations that spend a lot of time and money on labor and part manufacturing, like the automotive industry. Investing in an industrial-sized 3D printer means you won’t have to wait for manually completed pieces and components.

Prices Increase as 3D Printers Grow

Like most things, the more you get, the more you pay for it. Large 3D printers are generally more expensive than their smaller counterparts; expect to spend more money on your device if you’re trying to increase build area.

Larger printers aren’t always necessary. Hobby printers and small businesses creating smaller designs don’t need industrial-sized devices. On the other hand, complex operations may waste time, money, and resources on small printers when they could invest in a larger device upfront and make their money back in efficiency.

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So, what does the size of your 3D printer mean for your project? It means you’ll need to consider dimensions, time, and costs. If you’re looking for a reasonably sized desktop printer, consider shopping our collection of desktop devices, like the CreatBot F430 3D printer. 3D Printers Depot has a printer to suit all your design needs—contact us today!