SHINING 3D Scanners

Investing in SHINING 3D scanners ensures that your dental practice continues to provide excellent service. The SHINING 3D Autoscan is a top-of-the-line model, offering versatility to complete various applications, including die plaster models, impressions, and wax-up. The SHINING 3D scanner can complete a bite impression in less than 15 seconds!

The 3D scanner consists of detachable modules that enable functional upgrades, and its quick-release jig allows for a speedy setup. The SHINING 3D scanner is extremely portable, weighing only 5kg. Its lightweight build lets you move it around as you see fit, including for chair-side treatment. Plus, SHINING 3D scanners are compatible with previous CAD/CAM dental equipment to ease your transition to this efficient, innovative dental scanner.

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