FLSUN 3D Printer

3D Printers Depot is happy to carry the best FLSUN 3D printers to handle all your needs! The FLSUN V400 is a very easy-to-use and speedy 3D printer that can reach speeds of up to 400 mm/s, saving you ample time while producing flawless prints. This FLSUN printer relies on top-notch grooved linear guides to provide unrivaled printing stability, resulting in smooth and precise lines.

Another option available is the FLSUN SR (Super Racer) printer. The SR’s primary benefit is the 150 mm/s default printing speed; it can even reach speeds upwards of 200 mm/s without compromising the quality of the prints.

When compared to other 3D printers, FLSUN reigns supreme over the competition, creating identical models in half the time. Don’t hesitate to get your FLSUN printer at 3D Printers Depot today!

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