What Is Printing Resin and Why Do You Need It?

What Is Printing Resin and Why Do You Need It?

3D printers come in various forms. Some use printing resin—a liquid substance that acts as an alternative for filament. Instead of extruding melted materials, resin 3D printers use UV light to solidify liquid resin into detailed designs.

SLA (stereolithography) and DLP (digital light processing) tend to be the most common types of 3D printers. But what makes printing resin so valuable for creators, and why do we recommend adding it to your 3D printing arsenal? Three reasons…

Higher-Quality Prints

The main benefit of printing resin is its ability to create high-quality prints. A resin UV 3D printer produces models with astounding details. Printing resin is the optimal material if you need to create a design with intricate patterns and precise lines.

Resin 3D printers also have the advantage when it comes to surface finish. FDM (fused deposition modeling) printers often leave noticeable ridges between layers. However, printing resin creates no such blemish—effectively removing an annoying step in the post-production process.

Faster Print Times

FDM printers work by extruding filament through a nozzle. While many FDM printers operate quickly, you still have to wait for the nozzle to move around the printing bed before it completes the design. In addition, printers without dual extruders require time to cool down and swap materials.

On the other hand, resin UV 3D printers don’t have these limitations. Instead, devices use lasers to rapidly cure printing resin in the desired pattern. DLP printers work even more swiftly since they can harden materials in one stage.

Unique Industry Uses

It’s common to find 3D printers in the automotive and manufacturing industries. Since filament is more durable than printing resin, many think FDM printers are more valuable. However, printing resin allows sectors that wouldn’t ordinarily use 3D printers to join the conversation.

Because of its capacity to produce tiny, delicate details, printing resin is a staple in dentistry, jewelry production, and educational tools. For example, dentists can craft customized dental tools to correct your smile. Printing resin also creates a unique intersection between art and technology.

Where To Purchase

Knowing what printing resin is and why you need it is the first step to improving your printing process. The next is choosing a high-quality resin printer from 3D Printers Depot. Contact us today and let our knowledge staff match you with the right device for your specific project.