Top 3D Printing Trends To Expect in 2022

Top 3D Printing Trends To Expect in 2022

In recent years, 3D printing has become a major industry that’s growing larger and larger every day. Whether it’s for industrial use or to assist in a hobby, the demand for quality 3D printers is at an all-time high. Here are a few of the top 3D printing trends to expect in 2022 for tech enthusiasts and experts alike.

Emphasis on Polymers

3D printing utilizes a variety of materials to create various products. However, some find more uses than others. Market experts are expecting polymers and plastics to dominate the industry in 2022.

This trend is likely due to the primary applications of common 3D printing products that need these materials to serve their purposes best. 3D printing technologies have a unique opportunity to showcase the potential polymers have to improve various industries without negatively impacting the environment.

Expansion in Various Industries

So many industries utilize 3D printers, from the aerospace sector to education and research. One of the top 3D printing trends to expect in 2022 is the expansion of applications in two specific industries: the healthcare and automotive industries.

The COVID-19 pandemic put a high demand on specific medical tools and products. Professionals can make these efficiently with 3D printers. Additionally, market research suggests that the automotive industry will heavily rely on 3D printing capabilities in the upcoming year.

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is a central focus across numerous sectors, and 3D printing trends are following suit. Big-name corporations with a widespread public face are looking for ways to reduce waste in their manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, small businesses are trying to find sustainable methods to implement during product creation. 3D printing will see a rise in demand for recycled plastics and other materials and a movement towards utilizing less packaging for their technology.

3D printing applications aren’t going anywhere, so businesses should jump on the trend to improve product quality and create a more efficient manufacturing process. At 3D Printers Depot, we have many independent dual extruder 3D printer options to fit your unique needs. Contact us today for helpful tips and tricks from any of our expert staff members to get the most out of your device.