4 Reasons To Have a Dual Extruder in Your House

4 Reasons To Have a Dual Extruder in Your House

You can do much more with your 3D printing projects if you have a dual extruder. These four reasons to have a duel extruder in your house show it’s a worthy investment.

1. Works Well With an Assortment of Materials

You can adjust the settings on a dual extruder to fit the two separate nozzles to discharge two substances. Pairing a widely used plastic like ABS with polylactic acid (PLA), epoxy resins, or photopolymers is possible in several 3D printers. Ultimately, a dual extruder helps give creations a more polished look and feel so you can create endless possibilities.

2. Fix or Create Replacement Parts

When items in the home break down, folks often buy costly replacement parts. Worse yet, you might not be able to find the replacement parts, leaving you between a rock and a hard place. There’s no reason to wait two weeks for shipping or pay an outrageous amount when you have a remarkable dual extruder at home.

Odds are the printer will pay for itself with how many useful items you make from scratch. For example, buying a precise brass doorknob that matches the rest of your fixtures might be pricey. But, with 3D printing, not only will you possess the doorknob in hours, but the associated expense is nil.

3. Educational Opportunities at Home

STEM education is gaining popularity because it lets children work through problems critically before acting on them. Educating your curious children about 3D printing opens the door to future opportunities that may not even have been possible before.

Models of the solar system and the atomic structure are some examples of what children can make with creative thinking and problem-solving. Creating a 3D model may help kids understand abstract ideas, and including them in the production process will encourage further exploration and innovation.

Universities everywhere are purchasing 3D printers to give their students hands-on experience with emerging technology. Your children will be far ahead of their peers when they enter high school if they have a firm grasp of printer operation and common computer-aided design (CAD) software.

4. Fun for Everyone

While there are tangible benefits to having a dual extruder at home, there’s also something to say about the mental benefits that come with it. Most notably, having a high-tech 3D dual extruder printer is a blast.

One of the most rewarding aspects of owning a 3D printer is sharing the experience with loved ones. A good method to show someone how intriguing and beneficial the equipment can be is to have them help construct a design and then watch it come to life before their eyes.

If you need motivation but can’t come up with something useful, try turning to your other passions for ideas. Your favorite TV show, movie, or video game is a great place to start and draw inspiration.

These four reasons to have a dual extruder in your house showcase why you should buy 3D printers online from 3D Printers Depot. Whether you’re on a budget or want the best on the market, 3D Printers Depot has what you need to begin your fun-filled journey in 3D printing.