What Printing Project Is a Dual Extruder Best Suited For?

What Printing Project Is a Dual Extruder Best Suited For?

Dual extruders make it possible for printers to easily switch between multiple materials. This technology has revolutionized the way creators plan and execute their designs. With more control over precise details, 3D artists can take their models to astronomical levels.

However, these kinds of upgrades are complex. Those new to the 3D printing world may feel intimidated finding ways to use these devices. Learn what printing project a dual extruder is best suited for to upgrade your designs.

Projects With Multiple Colors

One of the most valuable benefits of dual extruders is their capacity for detail. 3D printers with this feature can print in multiple colors at one time. If you have a project that requires specific shades, printers with dual extruders will be your greatest asset.

Having the ability to print in several colors is perfect for educational designs. For example, you can print models depicting human anatomy and use different colors to isolate important functions for biology classrooms. You can apply this idea to all kinds of subjects for supplemental learning materials.

Projects on a Time Crunch

It’s no secret that large projects take a long time to print. However, dual extruders allow creators to print models quickly. Since these printing features divide the work between two nozzles, printers can produce more material in a single job.

This capability is perfect for projects on a time crunch. Professionals creating parts for purchase and distribution will always meet their deadlines when printing with dual extruders. This is especially helpful in the automotive and industrial sectors since users can print components to assist important machines.

Projects Needing Support Structures

Dual extruders are best suited for printing projects requiring support structures. Many types of models need assistance while completing the print. However, veteran printers will tell you that support structures are a double-edged sword; while they hold up fragile components during the process, they often damage a completed model’s surface and add to material costs.

Dual extruders solve this problem by making it possible to print support structures with dissolvable material. This is a lifesaver for projects with overhanging or bridge components that would otherwise collapse during production. If you have a design with fragile or loose-hanging features, dual extruders will save you in a pinch.

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