Benefits of 3D Printing With PEEK Filament

Benefits of 3D Printing With PEEK Filament

As the world of 3D printing grows, professionals use new and improved resources to strengthen their designs. This type of innovation contributed to the rise of PEEK filament, an alternative 3D printing material. This unique substance has made massive improvements to various industries, including the aerospace, manufacturing, and oil and gas sectors. Learn about the benefits of 3D printing with PEEK filament and consider incorporating it into your process.

Lower Weight

3D printing thermoplastics don’t have a lot of mass, creating lightweight structures essential to many important industrial sectors. PEEK filament has a low inherent specific gravity, making it perfect if you need to produce parts with a lower weight. This reduces installation and maintenance costs for facilities making intricate components for products and equipment.

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction is another benefit of PEEK filament 3D printing. Steel is hard to recycle and takes years to decompose in landfills. On the other hand, thermoplastics like PEEK materials are easier to repurpose. Metals have a recycling expiration date, but PEEK filament doesn’t. Manufacturers can remelt excess thermoplastics over and over again, getting more use out of their products and reducing their waste generation.

Better Performance

There are so many ways that PEEK filament enhances your products’ performances. Producing lighter materials keeps equipment working better for longer. 3D printing with thermoplastics like PEEK will also increase fuel efficiency and allow your products to sustain heavier loads. They are also resistant to external forces like corrosion and rust and can function well in extreme environments.

Creative Freedom

PEEK filament is exceptionally versatile, giving you more creative freedom in your product designs. There are fewer restrictions with PEEK material, so you can create whatever you need, no matter your situation. PEEK filament also allows you to incorporate intricate designs that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish with metal, so the creative possibilities are virtually endless.

PEEK filament has so many outstanding qualities, so be sure to invest in a printer that can accommodate the material. At 3D Printers Depot, you can get your hands on a CreatBot F430 3D printer and start working with PEEK material for your future projects. Shop our inventory and contact us today to get the most out of your 3D printer.