Best Practices for Using a 3D Printing Dual Extruder

Best Practices for Using a 3D Printing Dual Extruder

It’s impossible to overstate how valuable dual extruders are to 3D printers. Double printing heads make it possible to create stunningly intricate models in half the time.

However, with upgrades comes a learning curve. Knowing the best practices for using a 3D printing dual extruder will keep you from making costly mistakes. Whether you’re a new or experienced printer, improving your process will help you produce better-quality models.

Assign Materials

One of the perks of using a dual extruder is printing with multiple materials. Make a plan before you start printing, and organize your various filaments and colors accordingly.

You’ll need to invest in some software to help you assign your materials to the appropriate printer head. Some programs allow you to see a virtual model of your completed project so that you know exactly what to expect. Setting up your independent dual extruder 3D printer the right way will ensure that you start on the right foot.

Reduce Oozing

Oozing is one of the most common problems in 3D printers with dual extruders. It’s easy for nozzles to leak filament and leave hair-like “strings” all over your model. Finding ways to reduce oozing will enhance your projects and leave them looking cleaner upon completion.

Go into your slicer and enable your prime towers and ooze shields. With prime towers, you can program your nozzles to wipe themselves on blocks once you stop using them. Ooze shields work similarly by forming a wall to catch excess filament between layers.

Optimize Slicer

The best practices for using a 3D printing dual extruder include optimizing your slicing software. This technology is essential to your prints as it communicates design paths to your nozzles.

You may need to go into your software and manually plug in some numbers. Consider measuring the distance between your nozzles and entering that data. This way, your slicing program will reflect your printer’s dimensions accurately and produce better prints.

Now that you know how to use your dual extruder 3D printer correctly, you can take your designs to new heights. Take advantage of these tips and tricks and incorporate them into your current printing process. 3D Printers Depot offers warranties and professional support; if you need more guidance, reach out and let us answer all of your dual extruder questions and concerns.