Best Dual Extruders To Buy When You’re on a Budget

Best Dual Extruders To Buy When You’re on a Budget

The unfortunate thing about state-of-the-art technology is its price. Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the best dual extruders to buy when you’re on a budget so you don’t break the bank to print in 3D.

Under $500: Flashforge Dreamer

The Flashforge Dreamer is a high-demand dual extruder 3D printer with convenient support for printing several materials. It requires no assembly and is ready to print within 30 minutes of unboxing.

The Dreamer’s two print heads and direct-drive configuration make printing easy on many substrates. The completely enclosed layout helps tremendously with printing ABS and keeps any potentially hazardous emissions within the machine. It has an aluminum heated print bed for a more consistent temperature throughout the print surface.

Overall, the Dreamer does a great job regarding user ease and accessibility, which is especially important for novices opting for it because of its affordable price. This plug-and-play printing method in several colors and materials is ideal for schools and hobbyists using 3D printers.

Under $1,000: Flashforge Creator Pro Dual Extrusion 3D Printer

Another product in Flashforge’s line worth considering is the Creator Pro Dual Extrusion 3D printer. This independent dual extruder 3D printer is more intricate than the Dreamer. Nevertheless, the Flashforge Creator Pro 2 suits professionals and enthusiasts. You get top-notch printing, an IDEX system, user-friendliness, and a sturdy structure, all for under $1,000.

Quick and Accurate: CreatBot DX Dual/Triple Head Nozzle High-Precision 3D Printer

CreatBot’s research and development on the extruder feeding mechanism enable consistent, uninterrupted filament extrusion at high printing speeds, with accuracy as high as 0.05mm and a maximum velocity of 200 mm/s.

The whole-steel construction guarantees high print quality and significantly increases the printer’s lifespan. CreatBot 3D printers have been used for over 8,000 hours for five years.

If you randomly lose power while the printer is operating, it will remember its current position, save the print data, lower the platform, and remove the filament.

Best Professional: Raise 3D Pro 3

The Raise3D Pro 3 is an improvement on the previous Pro 2 series industrial 3D printers. Its revolutionary dual extruder design, detachable hot end, and ventilation system provide consistently high-quality 3D prints.

The Pro 3 is spacious for its class, with the print area protected from the outside world by the sealed volume. To further protect users from potentially hazardous 3D printer emissions, the Raise 3D Pro 3 includes a HEPA filtering system.

Its automated bed leveling reduces wasted time spent calibrating, allowing you to finish jobs quickly. The ‘EVE intelligent assistant,’ exclusive to the Pro 3, can detect and fix problems and provide the user with insightful comments.

If you need an industrial-strength 3D printer capable of producing many materials simultaneously, look no further than the Raise 3D Pro 3. It offers a simple way to 3D print functional components and sophisticated materials in bulk.

3D Printers Depot can provide you with the best dual extruders to buy when you’re on a budget, whatever your spending cap is. Whether you’re interested in trying the art for the first time or need an industrial-sized behemoth, we are here for you. We will proudly price match any item you can find at a lower price to help you stay within your budget!