gCreate 3D Printers

gCreate's newest addition to the gMax series allows customers to reap the rewards, thanks to the enclosed additive manufacturing of the gCreate gMax 2. The company's patented enclosure is an additional option with the gMax 2 3D printer.

Although the enclosure enhances the visibility and strength of the 3D printer, the gCreate gMax 2 is not dependent on the enclosure. This durable and effective printer can still print materials with temperatures approaching 400 °C and print at speeds of more than 200 mm per second. The gMax 2 PRO's wide temperature range allows it to print anything from ordinary prototype filaments to industrial design nylons into high-quality mock-ups and end-use items. You can get the best version of gCreate 3D printers with this modern marvel at 3D Printers Depot.

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