What You Need To Know About Dual Extruder Upgrades

What You Need To Know About Dual Extruder Upgrades

3D printers have come a long way from their original conception. What was once an expensive device for industries and big businesses is now a household appliance for many hobby artists and small, homegrown companies. Modulations have made it possible to enhance 3D printers, opening up so many creative doors for users.

One common variation you can use with your 3D printer is the dual extruder. While these mechanisms usually come with specially designed 3D printers, some models can take on these additions with a bit of know-how. Before you commit, learn what you need to know about dual extruder upgrades.

What Are Dual Extruders?

The design for early 3D printers and most beginner devices only included one nozzle to dispense printing materials. If you needed to create a more complex model with a different filament, you had to go through a process to clear out the original material. This back and forth wasted a significant amount of time for creators working on a deadline.

Dual extruders are essentially a second nozzle, allowing printers to take on more materials at once. With the right software, 3D printers can automatically switch between desired filaments. This kind of upgrade is advantageous to all 3D printer users looking to take their projects to the next level.

Advantages of Dual Extruders

While experienced users know how incredible these upgrades can be, novice printers shouldn’t shy away from dual extruder printers and their complexities. Dual extruders might seem complicated, but they have so many benefits that make the complexity worthwhile. Some of these advantages include:

  • Switching between filaments quickly
  • Using several materials at once
  • Solving blockage problems with a second output source
  • Printing multiple projects simultaneously

Why You Need a Dual Extruder Upgrade

By now, you likely understand that these mechanisms allow creators to utilize more materials. However, you need to know that dual extruder upgrades give users more control over their creations. These devices increase efficiency by eliminating annoying processes and doubling your printing power. Creators who use dual extruder upgrades report faster print times. They spend less downtime clearing blockages and allowing nozzles to cool between reloads.

Additionally, dual extruders can create more intricate designs than single nozzle printers. You can use various filaments that form different textures, use complex color pallets, and blend designs seamlessly. These additions also allow for more fine details, so you won’t have to compromise important parts of your design.

Now that you know the ins and outs of dual extruder upgrades, you can make the best decisions for your printing projects. Choose an independent dual extruder 3D printer from our collection and watch the quality of your prints skyrocket.