4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Dual Extruder

4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Dual Extruder

Having a dual extruder fitted with your 3D printer offers a plethora of options for your printing endeavors. These four reasons why you should get a dual extruder highlight its key benefits and how effective it can be for you.

1) Has Dual-Color Capabilities

Any graphic designer or illustrator understands the importance of using multiple colors. Only using one color cannot paint the beautiful picture they want to create. The same is true for 3D printing. Besides the smallest details, a dual extruder allows you to create character models without having to paint them, enabling product designers to create a visual impression with practical elements and visuals.

Having dual-color models is extremely beneficial in the world of education. For example, consider the specific geometrical models in STEM education. How much better are these models when they include multiple colors to differentiate molecules and parts of anatomy? A dual extruder is a prime source for creating these models, making lessons more comprehensible.

2) Works Well With Several Materials

A dual extruder permits you to change the settings and equip the twin heads to dispense various materials for your product. ABS plastic is common. However, several 3D printers may use polylactic acid (PLA), epoxy resins, photopolymers, etc. Two extruders allow two materials to combine and create even more spectacular prints. With this valuable tool, you may add additional aesthetic and tactile flair to your projects.

3) Water Dissolvable

You won’t have to worry about traces of support material like you do with a single extruder when you opt for a dual extruder. Water soluble support materials like polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) can dissolve in water 24 hours after going through the 3D printer. To completely rid the item of the support material, boil some water and stir it in the pot. Ideally, the leftover residue will have no distortions or flaws after its boiling bath.

Some people may fear that PVA can be hazardous to your health. However, PVA is nearly identical to polypropylene, an ordinary home plastic. The FDA has declared PVA safe for food, so that should temper any fears that you’re using toxic support material, assuming you’re not using high levels of PVA.

4) Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

As you may expect, an autonomous dual extruder 3D printer is quicker than other printers. You’ll be able to produce prints more rapidly and accurately. Furthermore, the machine’s programming may operate in several modes with separate extruders creating mirrored impressions simultaneously. To clarify, they’re quicker not because they move faster than other machines but because the different extruders operate in unison. You may also feed in various materials as the machine demands during a project.

These four reasons why you should get a dual extruder prove that it’s a worthwhile investment to have the best results. You can get the best independent dual extruder 3D printer at 3D Printers Depot! With our 12-month warranty on any dual extruder printer, you can feel assured that we’ll have your back if something goes wrong. But we’re confident you’ll fawn over your dual extruder.